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Peabody and Sherman

Long ago, before personal computers, a young boy was moving to a new school. The old school was just fine, but his father decided that growing up in Southern Oregon would be much better than growing up in Omaha Nebraska. Things were different in Oregon, the first week of the Eigth Grade was at "Eighth Grade Camp" high in the mountains, at a place called Lake of the Woods. Our young friend hoped that he would some day be able to live with his family again, instead of in a tent with many strange new kids. The first few days were rough. His meals were shared in a large Mess Hall with all of the rest of the class, almost 60 or so other eighth-graders and a few adult teachers. And he was assigned to eat at a table with 6 girls. Terror! Horrors unimaginable! He was on his best behavior, but nervous. When asked his name, he replied, Harold P. Miller, and immediately one of the young ladies piped up "Peabody?! You sound like the cartoon dog, too!"

Most of these kids have grown up, a lot were part of the Rogue River High School Class of 1975

For 33 years, Harold Miller has been called Peabody, at first by others in his class, but soon as a "self-applied" handle. It has been a guiding force in making him who he is today. This is his collection of things related to the Dog, his Boy Sherman, and other things Wayback-related.

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